Sunday again and a great day!

Posted in Miscellaneous at 9:51 pm by Grandma O

      Well today was an exciting day at church. I had been asked to substitute for the song leader and when I went in, there was the whole Stake Presidency seated on the stand. It wasn’t a very far leap to figure out why they would all be there since I knew our Bishop had been in for over 5 years. Sure enough, everyone was released and we got a whole new group. Both of the counselors are VERY young guys and the Bishop is only about 45 himself. He has been on the High Counsel for the last 3 years or so and he had been a counselor in a Bishopric a couple of times. All three of them are in the building construction trades which is exciting to Dan. His comment was—they all work with their hands! One of the most fun things about the new Bishop is his “pencil”. Because he always uses a pencil to mark lines on boards (he is a cabinet maker) he “wears” one behind his right ear. And he wears it there absolutely ALWAYS. It is his little trademark. I asked his wife once and she said that it feels funny to him not to have it there. I would imagine he doesn’t wear it in the Temple but I really don’t know. I’ve never been there at the same time!

     Last Thursday, I stayed in Anchorage after work and went to the Brayton chapel, which is the one next to the Temple, for a talk by Sister Julie Beck, General Relief Society President. She seems very real and down to earth but she thinks fast on her feet. After talking about the different duties she has, including the welfare committee, she asked for questions from the congregation. Sure enough, one rather odd lady had to start a long rant about how the church doesn’t send any help to Alaska. She even mentioned the 64 earthquake although she didn’t look old enough to be more that a kid when that happened. Of course, the church DID send assistance then and at other times, but as Sister Beck herself pointed out, we don’t give out press releases and brag about it. She was so kind in her dealing with the woman and everyone else. It was an enjoyable evening and I had my sweet Molly sitting with me.