Sunday, Sunday…I love this day!

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     Saturday’s are great too but I still feel obligated to “work”. I feel so sorry for people who don’t understand the Lord’s plan and feel like they have to be hooked up all the time. On Sunday, I can be a total bum and not feel guilty!
     Today was good at church but Relief Society was a little different. Our teacher is a beautiful woman named Sandy in her early 40’s who had a horrible tragedy happen to her several years ago. Her daughter, Brooke, at the time about 14-15 years old, was involved in a car accident with several other teenagers. They were pulling out a side road from the movie theatre onto the highway and the young person driving probably didn’t judge the speed of a vehicle coming toward them. They were T-boned and I think one of the girl’s cousins was killed and Brooke suffered a severe head injury. She lived, but she is permanently brain damaged and remains in a wheel chair. It’s difficult to tell how much she understands since she can’t talk and her eyes don’t focus well. Sandy goes back and forth between great guilt and anger over the situation and has many times broken down in serious crying when she tries to bear her testimony, or give a talk or lesson.
     Anyway, today was Sandy’s turn to teach and she prepared the wrong lesson. So she just got up and cried a lot and talked about her guilt about many different things and how imperfect she is compared to others in the ward. Lots of people made comments and talked about how we all have problems and aren’t as perfect as we appear. (I guess she thinks she is worse than anyone else and somehow has been punished by God for her failings.) Some of her beliefs bordered on “superstitious” and made me uncomfortable. I wanted to get into some deep gospel testimony and I was thankful for another sister, Cheryl, who lost a 4 year old to a seizure disorder and has another child with some severe disabilities. She is a real rock (a returned missionary) and was able to articulate sympathy to this lady. I guess my point in all this rambling is that Dan always says that I am an “emotional nudist”. He doesn’t realize that I can’t hold a candle to several other women in our ward and many others that I have known over the years. Men talk about objects and events and women talk about people and emotions.
     The weather is absolutely glorious. Right now, I am thankful to be in Alaska. It is so sunny and beautiful with just a little breeze. The trees are totally leafed out and the undergrowth is beginning to rise up—all the ferns and roses, etc. Yesterday, as I was out running errands, I told one old lady that it was so nice today that the only thing that would make it better was to be 30 years younger. We laughed together about that. I have my garden bed in front almost prepared for the flowers. I have 50 little pots with gladiola bulbs coming up. About 12 of them are up—a couple are about 2 inches but some of them show no signs of life. I stopped by the greenhouse and bought 2 zucchini plants. I just couldn’t help myself. I don’t really have a vegetable garden but I’ll find someplace to poke them in. My biggest bugaboo is the big tree roots on the north side of the driveway. We had all the trees taken out last fall on the northwest corner of the lot but some big roots remain and I have to do some major sawing and hacking. I left the ground messed up out there when I got too tired to finish. Of course they could be coming from the big tree in the middle of the circular driveway. I’ve been told that roots in Alaska go great distances sideways since they can’t go down that far. I’m also going to get some other plants to place among the glads since they are tall and skinny and don’t take up much room. I am praying for a good summer that isn’t a rainy mess like last year

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