Memorial Day Weekend

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     One of my favorite things at work is a three day weekend, especially when I get off early on Friday, too. Jo Beth and her husband left at noon to go down to Seward where they were going to spend the night and go on a 5 hour boat ride on Saturday. So Bob left about the same time. I got stuck waiting until the mail came at 2:00 and the Messenger service at 2:25. Then I checked my personal email and left at 2:45.
      I went to a local store called “New Sagaya” which specializes in oriental type stuff so I could get some Sesame oil for a somewhat reasonable price. Most oils other than corn, soy or canola are pretty spendy. I can get a large container of peanut oil at Costco but anything else is $10.00 or more a pint. They also have a pretty good seafood department so I bought a chunk of halibut and some shrimp and made a nice dinner for Dan. He was on the pipeline this week so I picked him up from the airport at 4:00 and we hurried out to the valley.
     We went by the credit union and turned in papers to re-finance the apt. building. Everything is turned in and now we will have an appraisal this week. We should have the appraisal report the following week and then a few weeks for the underwriting deal that goes on with loans. The loan officer said that it is taking longer because of the new stuff from Pres. Obama. The mortgage companies are required to contact everyone with the new information and offer refinancing—or something. I didn’t quite catch exactly what the issues are. We want to pay off our debts, drill a new well, fix up this place, etc. It will drop our monthly outgo quite a bit so we can add more to the principal and get ourselves in a better situation faster. The only aggravating part is that even if we are using this as our primary residence and not as a rental it will still be higher for the percentage of interest. Some loans are only 4.75% but we will pay at least 5 or 5.1% because it is commercial property.
     Benny & Molly helped me in the yard last night and we got wildflower seeds planted around the big tree. Tomorrow I will finish planting my front gardens and put away the rakes and shovels for awhile. Then it will be weed pulling and swatting mosquitoes. It is very dry right now and we could actually use some rain! Jo Beth said they got rained on out in Resurrection Bay in Seward. It was predicted to rain here but didn’t happen.
     This evening we went out to Willow to the Nancy Lake Campground and had a little picnic with the campground hosts who are friends of Bonny’s. She met them a couple years ago when she worked as a temporary campground “ranger” for the State Parks. It was a beautiful drive and the traffic wasn’t too bad. I wanted to show Bonny a pattern I had for wedding veils and discuss making one for her. She managed to snag a wedding dress for a real bargain and I’m probably going to help her hem it up a little since she doesn’t want it dragging on the ground. I don’t know any other details, but I know that they are having a whole roast pig at her reception so that should be interesting.
     Well, tomorrow is a big day with lots on the list and I have a day off from work so I better get to bed. I’m caught between the inside and the outside work that needs doing. We need the place to look good for the appraisal too.

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