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     I was greatly surprised when I realized that I hadn’t made a post since July—and now it is September 6, 2009, the day before Labor Day! It has continued to be the most glorious summer I can ever remember and I think I have been enjoying it rather than writing about it. There was a little more rain in August but never as continuous or gloomy as in years past and September has had the fall “nip” in the air but mostly sun, sun, sun. Maybe it didn’t hit record books but the summer of 09 goes down in my personal record book. The only problem is that it is going to end soon. It’s hard to believe we could have snow in just a month.
     Well, enough weather stories. The real reason I haven’t written is how stressed out I have felt at work. Oh, how I wish my boss would “take time to sharpen the saw”. There are so many things I need to know, and if I did, it would take away some of her burden too. The very first week I went to work, I asked her to explain the whole “process” of a workmans’ comp case. Start at the first phone call and explain how it proceeds from there. She was very vague and said that I would gradually figure it out over time. How much time? I have been there almost a year and half and I still don’t comprehend it completely. People call and ask questions that I can’t answer and I feel like a dummy. Now I realize the lawyer went to Law school and has now been in practice for well over 30 years. Jo Beth has been a paralegal for at least 15 years, a secretary or an office manager before that and she has always worked outside the home in 35 years of marriage. So I suppose I am being too hard on myself. I’m just not used to the feeling of not understanding something. I worry that it’s my age and I’m not sharp enough anymore. I worry that I’ll never quite “get it”. Now I’m in the spot of being too embarrassed to ask questions that I feel I should already know. I want to go in and say: “You know that question I asked you when I first came to work? Well, I still want to know the answer!”
     Dan had the most awesome trip to Reno, Nevada last week. He decided that he would check out real estate down there for a possible snowbird place. Nothing tripped his trigger and he felt like he got a stupor of thought about it. So he just enjoyed being Grandpa. I wish I could have gone too. He is going to his Electrical Inspectors Convention this Friday and I’m taking a few days off from work to go with him. It doesn’t sound like it is going to be quite as whoopee as last year in Portland. They had some really neat things planned for the wives but it doesn’t sound like it’s going to be the same this year. While we are having our trip, we will also visit with Katy & family. It’s been a year since we saw any of them but we saw Sally this summer when Bonny got married. Johnny and Heidi were here in August so we visited them too.
     Nancy and Loei are still here with us. Walid went to Missouri to visit a friend and work but it has turned out to be very few hours and low pay. He wants Nancy to join him but she not only doesn’t want to be in Missouri, she knows he is expecting her to come, get a job and support them again. Right now, he hasn’t made enough to even rent an apartment or gets things in order for her to be there. He has no maliciousness or laziness about it; he is a very hard worker. He just hasn’t ever been able to be the regular breadwinner because of his legal status and doesn’t quite take the responsibility for it. He thought when he got a green card a job would just “be there” for him. But the economy was one card that wasn’t in the plans. Jobs are scarce in some areas even for regular Americans. Nancy would rather stay here where she can play mama with her child, which she has never done before, than go back to work. We are understanding and willing to help her right now.
     I think I’m going to close down for now and write more later. Maybe I will have time in a hotel room next week. Wow, that sounds like fun and relaxation. I’m looking forward to it.

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