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     I can’t believe how fast time seems to move along lately or how I can’t seem to get everything done. Really and truly I want to spend more time composing life stories, blog entries, journal entries, Facebook entries, family history research entries, etc. etc. Plus I want to do better at my church callings and my Visiting Teaching. AND I have been remodeling small portions of my house a room at a time and a project at a time.
     Yesterday Dan mounted the new curved shower curtain rod for me and I bought fabric and liner for bedroom curtains and a curtain rod for the big window over the outside door. Benny put up the three shelves that I painted a couple of days ago. I can’t put up the wallpaper border until after my birthday. Supposedly, the paint should “cure” for a month before putting up wallpaper. My plans are for a nice set of blinds over the big window and only a valance sort of deal on the top. I made a list of 15 things I still need to do on the bathroom and 8 things for my dressing room or boudoir as the French call it. In Dictionary.com I looked up the name boudoir and it comes from the French word “to sulk or to pout” and is used for a place where a woman would go to be alone. But it can be a bedroom, a dressing room or sitting room. I did do some measurements and if I want to put stenciled roses around the ceiling, I’d have to do no less than 76! Yikes, that will take a while at just a few every night. Wallpaper bordering is WAY quicker.
     One of my recent fun things was going with Dan to Everett, Washington for the International Electrical Inspectors Association annual meeting. Last year it was in Portland and I had a wonderful time so I was really looking forward to this year. We went a little early and went to Yakima to visit Katy, John and family. They can get so much nice fresh fruit and veggies. We enjoyed peaches, apples and zucchini. Last year I spent time with Kayleigh but this year I spent a little more time with Karina and Brenton. Byron was sure cute about having Grandpa and Grandma visit. I wish I could have spent more time there but it is so hard with a full time job. The hotel was wonderful—we had room 101 on the ground floor. It was one of the better locations there but of course we had signed in on Friday and then left for Yakima so we sort of got first dibs. Next year, I will NOT forget my swimming suit. I don’t know if the hotel in Boise will have a pool but this one was almost next door to our room and I could have gone swimming many times if I had remembered to pack one.
     I went on little tour with the other ladies at the conference to a close little town that specializes in antique shops. I didn’t buy anything but it was fun to look. Then I went shopping at the Seattle Premium Outlets one day. That was great fun but comparatively speaking, I didn’t blow that much money. Oh and I almost forgot—Katy brought the kids over and I went to the Woodland Park Zoo with them. That was really awesome! It should almost be called a botanical garden/zoo. There are numerous paths and bridges everywhere and everything covered in foliage like a rain forest. It had a pretty complete group of animals too and I didn’t even see them all. It is kind of expensive unless you buy a yearly membership and go frequently enough to justify it. But it’s well worth it as far as I’m concerned.
     Part of my new resolve to improve myself is saying personal prayers a lot better. So what I’m doing is singing a hymn each night to get myself “in the mood” and then praying out loud. That has always been hard for me to do. Benny’s Mission President told them to always say prayers out loud because your mind has a tendency to wander otherwise. I know that is true, but I’ve always felt awkward doing that. The only reason to feel awkward would be if I felt like I was talking out loud to myself like a crazy person. So am I talking to someone else or not? If I ponder on that for awhile, it really makes me think. OF COURSE I’m talking to Heavenly Father. That would be the standard Primary kid answer. But I want to REALLY feel a connection with Him. I want to bear fervent testimony that I know He hears me and that He answers my prayers. I see evidence all the time that even my crude attempts at sincere prayers are answered so I do believe. But I frequently feel like the man in the scriptures who says to Jesus: “I believe, Help thou my unbelief”. I’ve known people that didn’t quite get that scripture but it really speaks to me. I also especially like Nephi’s Lamentation. It is one of my favorite sections in the Book of Mormon. Oh how much I know how he feels when he says that he sees evidence everywhere of what Heavenly Father has done for him, but still he messes up and does wrong things! I appreciate a prophet of God writing that because it gives me a lot of comfort.

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